A brand designed & crafted in Switzerland.
Each collection represents the designers' foray into single-material exploration.



Client: Personal
Role: Art direction & Partner
Year: 2013-2017


Sometimes, a project is so in tune with an ideology that it takes on a life of its own. Kind of Design is a furniture brand out of Fribourg, Switzerland, that was launched when two industrial designers were given the opportunity to become creators of local designs that support local artisans and producers.

I was invited onto the team to help propel the idea into a brand. After a few workshops that helped define the concept and the brand's platform, I developed the brand's entire identity and direction. I'm still in charge of the strategy and brand's communications. 

The company was born in January of 2013 when we were contacted to help diversify a local business’ activities. Using solely the material produced by the company, we came up with a gorgeous furniture collection—and became enamored with the hyper-practical aspect of the project. Thus, the world receives Kind of Design, a company whose every collection is an exploration into the limits of a single material and a celebration of Swiss culture.


Designers: Marissa Scarangella, Bastian Perriard
Direction: Arnaud Spuhler






Visual Production : Arnaud Spuhler
Photography: Collection B2 by Karim Nassar


Collection M1 crafted by Brandt Metal SA
Collection B2 crafted by Frédéric Schneider